by Michele Bardsley

November 2003
ISBN: 1-931761-79-8
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Vampires can be seductive and deadly. Vampires who have lived thousands of years and have no emotions left are just deadly. Can one such vampire, cursed to live without emotions, finally find his soul mate in a woman who has nothing left to live for? This question is answered in The Pleasure Seekers: Dake, by Michele R. Bardsley.

Dake has wandered the earth for thousands of years. He has sought pleasure in every way. Unfortunately, he can't feel anything except hunger and rage. Any woman who shares his bed dies. He can not control the lust that burns through him which leads him to feed on his lover until she is dead. Deep inside of his soul, a small part longs for the days when he could feel and trust.

Charron has lost the only person who made life worth living. Now, she welcomes death with open arms. When he comes for her, she doesn't fight or beg for her life. She accepts the pleasure that he gives her. His touch is tender. His voice is gentle. But Charron senses the danger that Death carries with him. She sees it in his empty eyes. She feels it in the twinge of pain from his teeth.

Dake has never left a human alive. Lust means death. He should have killed Charron, but for some reason, he has left her alive. He can't seem to walk away from her. Time and again, he returns to her in her dreams. Dake lets her see what he was like before he was cursed to the lust of blood. Does this longing for her mean that he can be released from his world of dark and death?

Here is another story that suffers from the lack of length. There is so much that could have been told about Dake and the other Pleasure Seekers. More information could have been given about Charron that would have taken this story from being an all right story to being a good or even great one. While we are treated to Dake's awakening sense of humanity or morality, we aren't given any true idea of Charron's character.

The Pleasure Seekers: Dake, is a fascinating idea to base a story on. With a little more detail and background information, it could be a great series.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Jenni.

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