by Scott Carpenter

November 2003
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Dana has a fun part-time job. She gives pleasure parties for ladies, selling lingerie and adult toys. She has been learning a lot about herself and sex since she started, especially after getting dumped by her last boyfriend, Ronald.

After a party, she meets up with an acquaintance from a previous party and her boyfriend at a bar. Adam and Kris are free spirited, sexy and just plain fun. They take Dana under their wing when she runs into Ronald and his newest skank. They open up a whole new world to Dana and encourage her to explore and maybe go for it with the next guy who catches her eye and stirs her juices.

Enter Derrick, friend, confidant and sexy hunk she has the hots for. It helps that he has been giving her the eye also. When these two hook up, itís a wonder they donít set the bed on fire. The fact that Derrick shares Danaís love for toys, is definitely a plus. The only fly in the ointment, is her job. Her boss has given her an ultimatum, give up your side job as a pleasure peddler, or lose your day job. Dana loves both and doesnít feel she should have to choose.

Dana and Derrick are cute, funny and totally hot together. I love the total give and take between them. No games, no pretense and no holding back. A lot of fun, and lets face it, every manís wet dream. Toys 4 US is a fun, sexy, quick read.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Carolyn.

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