by Jaci Burton

November 2003
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Isabelle has always loved the ocean. Since her days spent by the water in Puerto Rico as a child she has been compelled to return again and again. Which explains her career as a marine biologist. When she was 13, she saw something that looked human off the coast, but she wasn't sure. After all, there is no such thing as mermaids, or is there? She convinces herself that it was just a dolphin. But in the back of her mind, there is still the question...what did she really see?

While staying at Paradise Resort to continue her research on the elusive Pegasus turtle, she spyís something strange in the water. Compelled to investigate, she ignores the twinges of pain in her side. Realizing to late that she made a mistake, she is sure she is about to drown, when she feels a mysterious warmth in her side and the next thing she remembers is waking up on the beach.

Dax fascination with Isabelle started the first time he saw her when she was a child. He knows that he cannot have her, but he canít seem to stay away from her. Knowing that there is no way they can stay together, Dax is willing to take the risk of a broken heart and spend time with her anyway. The attraction and the passion between Dax and Isabelle is explosive. Sharing his love of the ocean and his home with her, Dax knows it is all worth the risks.

Isabelle is confused, and a little angry that Dax isnít telling her the whole truth about who he is. Yet she falls in love with him anyway. When he reveals his true identity to her and the opportunity to spend eternity with him comes, she refuses because she isnít willing to give up her life on dry land.

With the advice of Morgan and Tony Marino, from Paradise Resorts and her own growing despair at their separation, Isabelle confronts her fears and hopes that they truly can live together, under the sea.

Paradise Discovery is book 3 in this wonderful trilogy by author, Jaci Burton. Filled with hot, inventive sex, and two wonderful characters, this story was a joy to read, made me wish that I could breath underwater.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Carolyn.

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