by Joey W. Hill

November 2003
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Sarah Wylde is the newly appointed sheriff of Lilesville. This big city ex-detective is recovering from a very recent, very brutal divorce, Sarah has no confidence with men outside of work. While running on her neighbors property she is drawn by drums to an overhang. In the clearing below, she spies what looks like a ceremony. She is compelled to watch and becomes captivated by the sensual and spiritual essence of the ritual being performed.

Julian Herne is a local business man and a Wiccan. He is the leader of the local coven and it was his ritual that Sarah observed. He is drawn to her and vows to strip her down and rebuild her into the strong, sexual woman that he senses. He can tell that the men in her life have never taken the time or made the effort to arouse her senses. He is sure he is the man for the job.

After a night of mind-blowing sex, Sarah is not quite sure what to expect next. She isnít comfortable with the level of intimacy they reached so quickly, so she tries to put up a barrier. When a body is found in a circle reminiscent of a Wiccan ritual, the first person she thinks of is Julian. Brought in as a consultant, Sarah senses that Julian is not telling her everything about what he thinks really happened.

In the course of this story there will be revelations that will require Sarah to question her beliefs. If Wishes Were Horses is a sexy story about two people who have both had to overcome heartbreak and pain. Can they overcome their pasts and embrace a future together? Sarah and Julian are complex, likable characters. I enjoyed this story very much and look forward to more from Ms. Hill.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Carolyn.

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