by Sahara Kelly

November 2003
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Miss Poppy Adams is the daughter of a simple country squire but she dreams of much more than her stultified existence. Poppy longs to express herself through her painting without the inhibiting rules of society. The captivating beauty of the nude human form calls Poppy to sketch a drawing of two lovers in a secluded garden. She is tormented by her stuck-up mother’s relentless efforts to force her into the current fashionable mode; all Poppy wants is to lose herself in the joy of sketching and painting.

At the fete, Poppy’s introduction to the perceptive Mrs. Louisa Lloyd-Jones and an impromptu invitation results in a most unusual education. Recognizing the real Poppy underneath the trappings, Louisa invites Poppy to indulge herself (in more ways than one) during a brief visit to her home. Louisa even goes so far as to provide Poppy with a model for her deliciously scandalous masterpiece, handsome rake Damian Barbour, who is currently paying his good friends a visit. And it is not long before Damian makes his intention to pleasure Miss Poppy very clear.

As a newcomer to Sahara Kelly’s work I was very happy to lose myself in her latest Tales of the Beau Monde release. The heat between Poppy and Damian was hot enough to singe. Louisa of Tales of the Beau Monde III: Lying with Louisa was quite titillating in the role of erotic fairy godmother. All in all, Ms. Kelly penned a sweet erotic romance about the freedom to love without inhibition.


Reviewed in December 2003 by Cynthia.

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