by Jamie Denton, Carrie Alexander, Nancy Warren

December 2003
ISBN: 0-373-79118-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #114
Mass Market Paperback

New Years Eve 2002 finds Natalie Trent, Isabel Parisi and Arianne Sorenson single and alone at the bar of the annual Monticello ball, ringing in the New Year. The women vow to change things by next New Yearís Eve and be part of a relationship but also plan to meet at the bar to ring in the New Year together with an annual toast. Over the year the women become best of friends and as the end of 2003 approaches they plan to attend the Monticello ball together, since nothing much has changed and each finds herself still unattached. Perhaps this New Yearís Eve will hold something special for each of them.

Jamie Dentonís Impulsive, features fashion writer Natalie Trent. Last year she met the most amazing man at the ball and had the time of her life right before the guy up and disappeared on her. This year she arrives at the party with the faint hope of running into her mysterious lover. Although she really wasnít expecting to run into him she soon does just that. Natalie makes a snap decision to make the man pay for running out on her last year. After all turn about is fair play. Natalie has revenge on her mind and plans to turn the tables on the unsuspecting hunk.

Carrie Alexander introduces us to fabric designer Isabel Parisi in Enticing. Isabel is a live for today type of woman. She wants to have fun with men but has no intention of making a commitment to any one person. She did meet a great guy through email this year but figures heís too good to be true, as he seems to be all she is looking for. When Tom suggests meeting in person, Isabel quickly nixes the idea. She hasnít had a relationship in a year and she goes to the party looking to get laid. When she meets someone who is just what sheís looking for, how come she keeps thinking about her email pal and wishing that he were here in the flesh?

Nancy Warren rounds out this trio of stories with Tantalizing. Accountant Arianne Sorenson has been secretly in love with her boss, Rafe Monticello, almost since she started working for the playboy. She has seen him go through women like water and has quietly stayed in the background, lusting after the womanizer. Alas, he would never be interested in anyone like her or would he? After a very sensuous dance with the man, Arianne decides that she will give herself one night of pleasure in the hunk's arms and that way she will always have something to remember him by. Rafe wants more than one night though. If he can only convince her that they have a future together instead of just a one night stand.

Three of todayís most talented authors have joined together to bring the reader a very special trio of stories to bring in the New Year. These stories carry with them all the sex and sizzle one has come to expect from a book with the Blaze logo. Each of the authors has skillfully woven her story with the others to produce an utterly delightful book

Reviewed in December 2003 by Barbara.