by Nicole Burnham

February 2004
ISBN: 0-373-19706-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1706
Mass Market Paperback

Emily Winters is done with her matchmaking scheme; all but one of the senior vice presidents of Wintersoft is married or engaged. Emily is hoping that her father will not try to play matchmaker with her and Jack. But soon finds out that she is wrong, he is still trying to marry her to one of his top employees, even after the disaster of her previous marriage and divorce. Emily is independent and beautiful but she also has trouble with her trust in men since her divorce.

Jack Devon is the only one left, but nothing in his personnel file gave Emily and Carmella even a hint of his private and personal life. Jack is handsome, a fierce competitor and doesnít believe marriage is for him, not after his family life and his father.

Emily and Jack go off to Reno on participate in a trade show. The only thing is, Lloyd Winters is making them stay in his home in Tahoe. He is hoping that more than just business will transpire between the Emily and Jack. But will it?

The tension between Emily and Jack was there from the first moment. They both hid their attraction behind their competitive nature and let the long hours of work guide them to what they want. Emily wants the love, commitment and all the things that go with it, while Jack doesnít think marriage is for him, not even with Emily. But that doesnít stop the two of them from being attracted to each other. With their first kiss it was like magic, they knew it could be much more if either of them were willing to let their feelings take over. Can these two who like to take control over their lives be will to make a compromise? Can Jack and Emily find the love they have both been seeking without realizing they are the ones for each other?

One Bachelor To Go is the last book in the Marrying the Bossís Daughter series. This book can stand-alone as I have not read any of the other books yet. I didnít feel slighted in the least by not having read the other books because Ms. Burnham gave us the information we needed but also makes you want to go back and read the other books, to see how Emily had a hand in the other five marriages or engagements.

Ms. Burnham gives us brief glimpses of how Emily and Jack are trying to work out the attraction and love to one another. But can they overcome their fear to make a life together? One Bachelor To Go is a great story that shows what a little comprise and following ones heart is about.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Pam.

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