by Delilah Devlin

November 2003
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Drago Chavez thinks heís stuck it big. And in the middle of a dank bar, no less.

When Calandra Jones enters the bar, Drago sees the end to his financial woes. She is gorgeous, and he decides to capture her and put her up for auction. He believes that this will be an improvement for everyone, including Calandra. She will be a valued concubine or perhaps even a wife, of a powerful wealthy man, and he will make a hefty profit in the bargain. Who could object to that?

Calandra thinks Drago is crazy. How dare he abduct her and sell her to the highest bidder? She makes it her mission to use her assets, her body and sexual favors, to dissuade him of the notion of selling her. On their journey to the auction, they engage in a steamy sexual affair. Calandra is horrified to find herself falling in love with her abductor. Her horror intensifies when he follows through with his intentions to sell her.

After selling her, Drago regrets his actions and, with some heavy-handed persuasion and help from two of Calandraís friends, launches a rescue attempt.

I enjoyed Slave of Desire yet had trouble sympathizing with Drago. I know the novel was set in another world where womenís roles differ from those in our society, but that didnít lessen my dislike for him in the first part of the novel. As he describes Calandra for the action catalog, I felt a strong dislike for him. I find it difficult to believe that Calandra would fall in love with him, especially after his callous treatment of her. As the novel progresses, this dislike does decrease, but never fully leaves. The love story in this novel doesnít ring true with me.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Jess.

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