by Ann Jacobs, Vonna Harper, Samantha Winston

November 2003
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In Eye of the Storm, by Ann Jacobs, Marcy agrees to attend an old friendís island wedding. What she doesnít realize when she accepts the invitation is that her ex husband, Sam has also agreed to be there. Once on the island, a vicious storm wreaks havoc on the wedding and the guests. Sam comes to Marcyís rescue and during the stormy night, can these two rekindle their passion for each other?

Yahola, in Savage Storm by Vonna Harper, rescues a woman from imminent death and begins to care for her and provide for her. She is Alika a slave girl that has been abused and used by her master at his will. Ever grateful, itís not long before the mating begins. However there are forces that would like to see them torn apart.

In Time Storm, by Samantha Winston, Heather travels to an island and takes a boat out to try and search for her one true, lost love. He has been presumed dead and there has never been a body found. How surprised she is to find herself tossed about in a storm and sent back to the 1700ís. However, is that her love Ian there as well?

An interesting collection of three stories all centering on love, passion, and storms. There is enough erotiscm and heat in each one to revive your own stormy night. You may find yourself curling up and keeping warm with any one of the stories in this collection. The heat between the pages sizzles.

Though short, each story is told well and developed nicely. Fans of erotic fiction will want to check this one out for themselves.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Katy.