by Sahara Kelly

November 2003
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Peta Matthews is an editor on her way to find out from author Max Wolfe what is holding up the edits for the book he was assigned. They have a deadline, and as she is sure that all he needs to do is leave the tarts alone and get on with his work. What she wasn’t expecting was to go flying off the edge of the road into the lake, all Peta could think of was, damn and I didn’t get a chance to even kiss the handsome, sexy Max Wolfe.

Max Wolfe has been lusting after the luscious Peta Matthews for quite a while. But he is sure she wouldn’t give him the time of day. He figures if he could just have her in his bed for one night, he could be on his way and head out of town for the next adventure, or so he thinks before his life literally collapses around him.

Max and Peta have been dancing around each other for the last year. When Peta has an accident and Max needs a place to stay after the ceiling in his apartment falls, things come to a head. Peta is convinced that Max wouldn’t be attracted to her, after all, her hips and butt are too big, her tummy is lumpy and the her breasts are heading south daily. What she doesn’t realize is that all the things she hates the most, is what attracts Max the most. Boy is she in for a surprise. Max is more than willing to take advantage of the opportunity to get the delectable Peta into his bed. Convincing her that it’s the right place for her to be is definitely going to be a challenge, one he is more than up to.

The murder of a co-worker and other mysterious incidents force Peta and Max to work together to solve the mystery. In the process they get to know each other and begin to find out things about themselves that will surprise them.

As always, author Sahara Kelly has delivered a sizzling story full passion and humor. While I enjoyed this story immensely, I got a little tired of Peta Matthews’s constant depreciating remarks about her body and herself. With a brief visit with the Guardian of time we get a quick update on the lives of her other characters from the Guardian series. I am sure that you will enjoy this story as much as I did.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Carolyn.

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