by Joanna Novins

February 2004
ISBN: 0-425-19456-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Lady Elizabeth Harcrest is young, rebellious and believes herself to be in love with a known rogue. She is naÔve and pays the price for it. James Dinsmore is all that is said about him, but not out of choice. Saddled with an addled father and an unforgiving shrew of a sister, he performs his part to perfection in the act that destroys Elizabethís reputation and his chance for any chance of redemption.

Elizabeth might be selfish and foolish, but she is young and optimistic and believes that happiness can still be achieved. She trusts in Jamesí integrity. In his sense of honor and refuses to see him only as the wastrel and libertine he is known for. And when he doesnít come for her, she forces him to take her with him when he decides to leave for France, in a last attempt at turning his life around. She is resourceful and clever and leaves James no chance of getting rid of her.

Joanna Novins continues to prove her talent for a vivid characterization. All of her characters in her second release, Souvenir of Love are ready to leap off the pages. I might not like or agree with all of them Ė why does Elizabeth have to be so immature? - but at least I can see where they are coming from. Most of the characters were previously introduced in Joanna Novinsí debut release, The Souvenir Countess, and so Iím not sure how they will appear to readers reading those two books in the wrong order. I; for myself, was happy to return to them; especially as I discovered things I had been looking for in their previous adventures.

Souvenir of Love is a page-turner. Sometimes not too tight - and from a historical point it didnít always sit well with me - Elizabeth and James story still managed to entertain and to keep up the suspense until the very last page. Iím looking forward to her next release. Hopefully it will be Marcusís story.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Kris Alice.

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