by Kasey Michaels

January 2002
ISBN: 0-446-60918-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Earl of Singleton, Brady James, has been kidnapped, beaten, stuffed in a sack, thrown in the Thames River and left for dead. Lucky for him he has a stiletto sewn in his coat and cuts his way out to safety. His enemies think he is dead but Brady is very much alive and anxious to find out why someone took such offence to his inquires concerning Regina Bliss.

Brady's friends found Regina Bliss begging on the streets of London and took her in. In fact, Regina is an actress. While traveling with their acting troupe, Regina's parents disappeared without a trace. Regina is determined to find out what happened to them.

With the help of his butler, Brady returns home to Singleton Chase to recover. The only ones who know he is alive and well are his best friends Kip and Bram, their wives, his servants and of course Regina Bliss.

Brady devises a plan to return to London and he convinces Regina to accompany him. She may have seen his attackers. They could be the same people who have knowledge of her parents disappearance.

Ms Michaels has created a delightfully funny romance for Brady and Regina. They keep each other on their toes throughout the book. Their interaction is what kept me riveted to this book. Ms Michaels does an excellent job of describing life in this time period. This was a fun book to read and makes me anxious to read the previous novels.

The first 50 pages or so did move kind of slow and I was ready to give up on the book. But the pages are necessary to provide the background information so you know where the book is going. And things picked up after them.

Fans of the earlier books about Brady's friends, Indiscreet featuring Bram, and Someone To Love featuring Kip, will welcome Then Comes Marriage to complete their series. Although this book has loose ties to the previous books, it can be read and understood as a single title without having read the prior two stories.

Reviewed in January 2002 by Barbara.

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