by Nelissa Donovan

November 2003
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Serosen, Prince of the Night Elves, is fighting evil with his brother when he feels a great shock. After a ďmind searchĒ, Serosen realizes that his cousin, Prince Duían of the Summer Kingdome has brought a Tuathan (earth) woman to their world. This is strictly forbidden and Serosen rushes to Duían to take the woman away. As he holds her, Serosen suddenly realizes, that she is his soulmate.

Selena DeLaPava has no idea what is happening to her. One minute she is attending her best friendís graduation party and the next she is writhing in ecstasy for a golden God. Even though she is spirited away by her Dark Prince, Selena is still under the golden Godís spell, causing she and Serosen to bond. This isnít exactly a hardship as these two are a passionate match.

Now they must rush to Serosenís Winter Kingdome in order to confront the evil sorcerer who is stealing all the women and children in the land, destroying the villages and killing the inhabitants of this world. Will they be able to get there in time and figure out what is so special about Selena?

From start to finish Night Elves 1: Wicked Pleasures is packed full of adventure and lots of wonderful sex. Selena is very accepting of the new world around her and the things she witnesses. She is joyful in finding Serosen, even if a bit hesitant. Serosen is, wow! Strong and respectful of the spirits and world he lives in, Serosen is the epitome of honor. The passion and love between these two is enough to burn up the pages, causing the reader to have to stop frequently to get ice water! New author, Nelissa Donovan, proves with her first book that she is going to become another autobuy author for me. With this the first book in a series, I am already panting for the next installment . . . and the one after that . . . and so on.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Vikky.

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