by Jane Feather

March 2004
ISBN: 0-553-58619-X
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Mass Market Paperback

All of the ton are talking about Lord Barclay’s exposure in the pages of The Mayfair Lady, which alleges that the peer is notorious for his lewd behavior with his young maidservants. When the consequences of such behavior have the expected result, the pregnant young women are cast off, alone and penniless, to survive as best they can. The society newspaper has declared it outrageous and a sign of the earl’s corrupt moral character, including references to some shady financial transactions.

When the earl strikes back by suing The Mayfair Lady for libel, Prudence Duncan decides that they need the best sort of legal representation. This takes the form of Sir Gideon Malvern, K.C., London’s youngest and most successful barrister.

Gideon loves the law, and a good challenge, which is precisely what Prudence Duncan represents – both professionally and personally. As he researches the earl’s suit, he is also investigating the Duncan sisters, especially Prudence, hidden behind her spectacles and unadorned gowns. When faced with the fact that she cannot possibly pay his retainer, Prudence offers an exchange of services. If Gideon will take the case, they will find him a suitable wife.

As the second installment of The Mayfair Lady trilogy, The Bride Hunt continues to reveal more facets of the Duncan sisters. In this case, the practical and conventional Prudence is spotlighted with charming results. As the financial genius behind their survival, she is a perfect foil for Gideon’s smooth charm and professional ambition. Little does she realize that a mirror is the only thing she will need to find Gideon’s perfect bride.

This novel is even more exciting than its predecessor, The Bachelor List. I found the events leading up to the trial to be an exciting counterpoint to the romantic aspects of the book. I am looking forward to the nature of Chastity’s story, being released next month.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Paula.

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