by Lesley Belle

November 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-379-1
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In Lesley Belle’s Out Of The Shadows, Missy Goodall is a woman on a mission. She’s a freelance reporter who's trying to make it big so she can do more than just scrape by in supporting herself. Missy figures that trekking through the wilds of Canada to track down the elusive, mysterious Ian Mercer who’d banished himself there three years before, may just be her ticket to the big time.

Ian Mercer had been a hugely successful painter three years before. He’d been on top of the world until tragedy had struck. He’d been leaving a showing in New York City with his wife when she’d been killed. Someone had driven by in a car and shot her, wounding Ian’s arm in the process. They never found the killer. Speculation that he’d been the one to order his wife’s murder, misery over her death and his own guilt had all worked together to drive Ian out of the spotlight, out of society and out of civilization. He left the big city for the Canadian wild where he is bound and determined to stay. That was until Missy Goodall falls onto his path both literally and figuratively.

Missy hurts herself in the woods, is almost attacked by a bear and is desperate for Ian’s help. Ian reluctantly comes to her aid, takes her to his very humble abode indeed and does his best to nurse her back to health. Close quarters allow for many things to come to light and the attraction between the two is immediate and explosive. However, they also discover that there are things about each other that they both like. In the meantime, while they are getting to know one another, the killer is back. The murderer has come back to finish what was started and is resolute about getting it done.

Out of the Shadows was an adequate read. It was written well enough, but I found that my attention wandered away from the story quite often. Back for Bella is a much better story by this author in my opinion.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Lisa.

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