by Karin Huxman

November 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-378-3
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Jamie Campbell is having a really big bad luck streak. Prompted by her Wiccan friend Maigret, she visits The Broom Closet, a magic shop, hoping to find a good luck charm, despite the fact that she does not exactly believe in such things as magic and charms. At the shop, she meets the rather unsettling and extremely old man that handles the store.

Chad Penwarren is no fool. He was helping a friend by keeping an eye on The Broom Closet when Jamie walked in. He knows that everything has its purpose. Jamie is in great need and someone likely directed her to the shop. It does not take him long to determine who did: his own sister, Maigret.

The moment Jamie and Chad meet sparks fly, despite the fact that Chad had been in disguise. Jamie does not know what to make of it, Chad does know…but he is reluctant to face the truth.

Karin Huxman`s The Talisman is a sequel of sorts to her novel, Entangled, but it can be read as a stand-alone. In this book, she brings us the story of Maigret`s hunk of a brother, Chad, who was introduced in Entangled. Chad is a very sexy male witch, and ever since he made his appearance in the previous book, he was demanding a story of his own.

Although I enjoyed The Talisman, I found that the ending was a little bit rushed. The storyline certainly has a lot of potential, however, it was dampened by what I consider to be a slightly abrupt ending. This book starts wonderfully well, the characters are engaging, the story is well paced and it keeps the reader`s attention glued to every single line...but then the next thing you know, wham...the end...just like that. Ms. Huxman has a very nice writing style, she does know how to draw an engaging story with matching characters, and this one started as such, but I certainly feel that it could have benefited if the ending had been worked a bit further. All in all The Talisman provides a quick and enjoyable read.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Mireya.

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