by Chaste Foxxe

November 2003
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Bite Me If You Can reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I chose the book because I have a little time to read and the title was catchy. Yeah, I knew it would be about vampires but I was still a little disappointed.

Ivy finds out that she is a vampire trapper only problem is she isnít sure she wants to be one. She likes her life as a librarian. But she told Nevil she would think about it. Nevil is the one that told her she was a vampire trapper. Her abilities are getting stronger each day. But Ivy meets Vance and the attraction between the two of them is mesmerizing. Ivy doesnít fight.

Vance is a vampire and knows that Ivy is a vampire trapper. Only problem is she is his soul mate. But can Vance convince Ivy of that and take her back to Transylvania with him?

There is a lot of similarity between Bite Me If You Can and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I just could not stop comparing the two of them while I was reading it. There were a few differences between the two and I did like the difference, one such difference is Vance didnít turn evil when he slept with Ivy.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Pam.

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