by Kay Wilde

November 2003
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Getting trapped in a snow storm, Kayla Reed begins to wonder if traveling to a friend's house for Thanksgiving is a good idea. She's lost in the mountains of Tennessee hoping that her car will make it to safety. Kayla is just beginning to live her life again after her divorce. Trying to look forward to a new life instead of back, she wonders if maybe this wasn't the best way to start.

Morgan Warner has writer's block. His latest book isn't going the way he wanted. The snow storm causes his family to stay away from his mountain home. He finds he's alone for Thanksgiving. Maybe that's what he needs to reaccess his life and get his book back on track. Morgan's looking for a woman like the one he's created for his main character, intelligent and inexperienced.

Morgan opens his door and his bed to Kayla as she stumbles in from the storm. He has found what he's looking for. As they ride out the snow storm, they find in each other the best of themselves. Morgan finds an intelligent woman. Kayla has found a man who enjoys the fact that she is mature and has a life of her own. But will their relationship survive once the snow storm ends and Kayla can go back to her world?

In the story, both Kayla and Morgan learn about themselves. They find that they can be content whith what they are, even if no one else is. Morgan learns that not everyone is only interested in his name and money. Kayla discovers that a man can find a mature woman interesting and loving. The sex scenes are hot and steamy. While the story keeps the reader's interest and the reader does begin to feel some attachment to the characters, the flow is rushed and ending rather abrupt.

Tempting Fate:Holiday Fantasies- Detour is a hot read to keep you warm on a snowy day.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Jenni.

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