by Megan Hart

November 2003
ISBN: 1-59279-171-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Amber Quill Press

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Mira is in love with Gavin. The only problem is - she wants it all and Gavin isnít at that point yet. So a year ago she left him, mainly because he had a problem with showing affection and letting people in. Well, what is a better way to get a cop's attention than speed on his stretch of highway while he is on duty? That is exactly what Mira did although it didnít turn out the way she wanted it to.

Gavin is a cop but he keeps to himself. He doesnít let anything really faze him and doesnít let anyone in. Little did he know that he was falling in love with Mira and he certainly didnít know how to make a go of their relationship when he wasnít sure about what he wanted.

Can Miraís little speeding trip down the highway bring them together? Or will it make a big wedge in their relationship? Or will Gavin give Mira her rights including the right to remain silent? Can Mira remain silent when her heart is breaking and all she wants is Gavin and to be part of his life?

Megan Hart brings us a short story, Right To Remain, which is sure to please you. If you like a man in uniform then this one might be for you. Ms. Hart gives us a tale of love that was once lost but could be found again. Right To Remain is not smooth sailing for the hero and heroine - they must be able to give of themselves before they can give the other the true affection and love each is seeking.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Pam.

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