by Teresa Medeiros

April 1999
ISBN: 0-553-57502-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Mass Market Paperback

Have you ever read a book that made you feel all warm inside and kept you smiling long after you've finished reading? Well if you haven't or it's been a while since you last read a book like that, I have just the one for you. Charming the Prince by Teresa Medeiros. Ms. Medeiros writes with such warmth, charm, and wit that you almost wish that you were one of the characters in her story.

Lady Willow of Bedlington had a very happy childhood that is until her father re-married a widow with five children. When her new step mama arrived, and she saw all of the beautiful blonde children, she somehow knew that her life would now be forever changed. And change is just what it did. She became a virtual servant/nanny in her own home. She toiled and labored from sunrise to long after sunset, and what did she get in return, only the disrespect of those unruly brats and the disdainful glares from her stepmother. Willow vowed that one day she would marry someone; anyone, and have a home of her own and never look back. She would never be a slave/servant to anyone again.

Bannor the Bold, Lord of Elsinore has returned from the war a cynical warrior who never backed down from a challenge or showed any hint of fear. That is until he arrived home to find that he is the papa to twelve unruly children. How this could have happened, he could not know. But he did know that he had to find someone to be a wife to him and a mother to care for and teach these little imps how to behave. He sent his steward in search of such a woman, stressing that she would be maternal to his children, but plain enough not to tempt any desire from him, the last thing he needed was another child running around driving him crazy.

When his steward returned, it was not in the company of a plain miss, but a beautiful dark haired woman with vitality and light shining from her eyes. She had an air about her that just lit up the room and made you feel as if a summer breeze just blew in on a cold winter's night. This was the kind of woman that he definitely didn't want in his home, the kind of woman who could warm his hardened heart and crawl right in. But he could do nothing about it as she was already here. He was hoping against hope, that once she met his twelve hellions, she'd run screaming for her life all the way back to where she had come from. But that's not what happened. When Willow entered her new home, she thought she couldn't be happier, until she met her lord husband's children. No one told her there were children, twelve very unruly children. What had she gotten herself into? But, to her surprise, Willow and the children formed a union of sorts, and made it their goal to teach Bannor the Bold how to open his heart and let love in, no matter what it took.

And believe me, it took a lot!! This story is one of the best-written tales I have ever read. You will laugh out loud at some of the pranks the children pull, cry when one of them is hurt, and cheer them all on through the whole book. I can almost guarantee that you'll be smiling LONG after putting this book down.

Happy reading!!

Reviewed in August 2001 by Debbie.

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