by Suzanne Brockmann

April 2004
ISBN: 0-345-46232-7
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Jimmy Nash is an operative with the CIA. Him and his buddy and partner Lawrence Decker have been an unstoppable team for years. But Jimmy has issues, major issues. He was afraid of getting too close. He has seen and done things in his career that he wasnít proud of; he was convinced that he was unlovable. That is, until he met Tess Bailey, from support. She was nice, sweet, beautiful and sexy as hell. But Tess was off-limits. Never date where you work has always been his motto, until the night she helped him save his best friends life. What do you do when all the old excuses donít ring true? The only thing leftÖrun.

Tess Bailey has been a little bit in love with Jimmy Nash for years. She knows what heís like, and has told herself repeatedly that he was no good for her. Jimmy would only break her heart. But when the chance to be with the man of her dreams comes around, she doesnít hesitate to jump on it. That night was everything she dreamed it would be. He had opened up to her in a way that she knew he never had, even with his best friend, Decker. Unfortunately, he got spooked, left in the middle of the night and she was left with the pain of knowing that what they had didnít mean the same thing to him that it meant to her, or did it?

When Tess is passed over for a chance to be a field operative, she takes her computer geek skills, and her ambitions to Troubleshooters, Inc. and former Navy Seal Tom Paoletti. What she doesnít expect is to walk into her interview and come face to face with Jimmy, Decker and her own unfulfilled expectations. Given the chance to actually do field work, she is willing to go anywhere, even Kazbekistan, and work with anyone, including Jimmy.

The search for the laptop of a member of the Al Qaeda leader will take them to a war torn country in the middle of digging out of a devastating earthquake. Jimmy, Tess and Deckerís relationship with each other will be tested in ways none of them could have predicted.

Flashpoint is another installment in Ms. Brockmannís Troubleshooters series. I definitely wasnít disappointed. Ms. Brockmann once again delivers a tight, action packed story. With the romance between Tess and Jimmy played out realistically in the background, I finished this story in one day. Tess is a smart, funny woman. She was totally realistic, her feelings and reactions to Jimmy rang true. I was especially impressed with her strength of character and her willingness to compromise. Jimmy Nash is a jerk, but a believable, redeemable jerk. His thoughts and actions totally rang true to me for a man who has lived his life on the outside looking in. We also get a sweet little surprise at the end; so donít close the book too quickly.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Carolyn.

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