by Patty Apostolides

November 2003
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Trade Paperback

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Ipatia Kouris has her life planned out, and it does not include marriage. She knows the world has more to offer an intelligent young woman than a relationship that fate can destroy on a whim. Her plan involves leaving the little island she lives on with her grandfather and going to Piraeus to obtain her education at a university. When Ipatia lands in harmís way and is rescued by the strikingly handsome Tony Plakis, she experiences feelings she has never known and realizes there is more to life than merely existing.

Although he is attracted to Ipatia, Tony is in a dilemma. He is torn between pleasing his ailing father who hopes he will marry another while running the family business, and listening to his heart which sings a song for Ipatia. Even after Tony and Ipatia agree on a melody, they must still dance with destiny, and destiny is a fierce keeper of secrets. Will Tonyís and Ipatiaís love survive or will time erase all the music of their hearts?

Although Lipsiís Daughter starts a little slowly, the story picks up quickly and unfolds into an enjoyable, albeit predictable romance.

The scenery descriptions were exceptionally well written, especially that of Lipsi Island. Nearly all of the characters were appealing. Tony and Ipatia were the perfect couple. They played together as finely as a Stradivarius. Tony was the quiet and gentle loving suitor who would let nothing keep him away from the love of his life. Tonyís sister, Melissa, was one of the few characters who was not particularly attractive. Her personality was temperamental and childish, and the tale probably could have survived just as well without her.

Still, one bad apple does not ruin a whole tree, and Lipsiís Daughter remains a charming story.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Natasha.

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