by Nora Roberts

December 2003
ISBN: 0-515-13637-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Dana Steele is the heroine of the second quest in Nora Roberts’ Key Trilogy, Key of Knowledge. It seems apropos that she is a librarian, and that most familiar of creatures - a true booklover. She revels in the printed page, finds comfort in the escape of a good novel, sharpens her mind on intricate plots. All there is to know or worth knowing can be found in the pages of a book - or so she believes.

Searching for the mystical second key that will free the Daughters of Glass, Dana has the support of her fellow participants, who are also her business partners and friends. Her past has traveled full circle and she must face the man who broke her heart, Jordan Hawke, as well as come to terms with his inclusion in the pursuit of the keys. He already played in integral role in the first search, and his personal history with Dana indicates that his impact will be much greater this time.

Jordan left Dana behind when he pursued his dream to become a writer. Successful beyond his imagining, he knows it is time to come home - to the only people who mean anything to him - to the only woman he has ever loved. Jordan expects to grovel, what he doesn’t expect is to be buffeted with the terror of knowing that he may not be able to help her when she needs him the most. He is determined not to let Dana slip away.

As an unashamed Nora-holic, I eagerly await her new books. When I read Key of Light, I was caught up in the fairy tale aspects as well as the magical quest for the key. This time, I thought I was prepared for the story. Boy, was I wrong! Ms. Roberts continues to win my admiration for her ability to out-write and out-plot her own best efforts. Even when all three heroines and all three heros are introduced in the first story, there is nothing blase about how they connect or how they triumph over the pitfalls that are placed in their path. As I finished Key of Knowledge, I had to just sit there for a moment and let it wash over me....all the events that had occurred.....and what they will mean for the third and final act.

Each book, while concentrating on a particular couple and the search for one key, is really just more layers of the greater tale. With each moment, we learn more about all of the characters, even Rowena and Pitte, even Kane. The suspense, while momentarily abated when a key is found, continues to build toward what promises to be a stunning conclusion. I will be counting the days.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Paula.

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