by Cassie Edwards

December 2003
ISBN: 0-451-21078-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Night Wolf is the chief of a band of Cree Indians that are living peacefully near Fort Harris and a trading post run by a newcomer and his daughter Marissa. He was a proud and handsome warrior and planned to unite his tribe with the Chippewa to ensure the future survival of his people through a peaceful alliance. But one look at the beautiful Marissa and all his good intentions died as a forbidden desire forces him to renege on his promise and sense of duty, all for the love of Marissa.

I really liked this tale of Marissa and Night Wolf. The characters were well defined. The plot was not complicated although I think it could have been but it was a light easy read. There were several conflicts that kept the story moving that of Marissa's father, Marissa's ex-fiancée and of Night Wolf's ex-fiancée, Blue Star. The minor characters were interesting and well developed.

I also liked how the author kept true to the nature of the Indians to be peaceful people. When Black Hawk, Blue Star's brother, learns from Night Wolf that he no longer wants to marry his sister he did not declare war but was understanding. I also liked how the author interspersed the Indian language in much of the dialogue. It added to the feel of the story and to the romantic undercurrent whenever Night Wolf and Marissa were together.

I thought the character of Marissa was well done. It was interesting that she was part Indian and she had the behavior and demeanor to match. I liked how she and Night Wolf connected on so many levels probably because of the same heritage. With Indians love was as simple as following one's heart.

Although this story was quite predictable, it was enjoyable to read. If you like Indian tales of honor and romance, this is a nice one. Enjoy!

Reviewed in December 2003 by Suemarie.

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