by Teresa Medeiros

June 2001
ISBN: 0-553-80209-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Mass Market Paperback

Teresa Medeiros's A Kiss To Remember was Awesome. I really enjoyed this book. It was funny and romantic, and left me wanting for more, more of Teresa Medeiros's books that is.

A Kiss To Remember is about a young girl who must find someone to marry before her 21st birthday or risk losing everything her family owns to "The Devil of Devonbrooke," the estranged son of her benefactor. Unfortunately Laura has been very picky in the past and literally refused every offer of marriage that she has ever received. She has under a month to find a man and marry him. Since Laura is desperate and because she absolutely doesn't want to marry any of the local villagers, when she finds a beautiful youthful Adonis like man in the woods with absolutely no memory; she believes she has found the literal answer to her prayers. Laura then decides to fill in his memory a little by telling him he is her betrothed. She convinces her family to play along by reminding them of what may happen if she doesn't get married.

This leads to many funny little scenes. Nicholas, a name resurrected from Laura's childhood fantasy becomes this man's name. Nicholas is intelligent and charming. He has a hidden temper, which he tampers very well, most of the time, although he didn't quite like being told he was to take the place of the Rector after he weds Laura. He especially didn't like hearing it during the Sunday Sermon. After this he takes up reading the bible, to see if he actually has a calling for this. All these little details are things, which Laura derives herself to make Nicholas her PERFECT man. Although Nicholas tries to fit in as best a man with no memory can, he suspects Laura of telling lies with those appealing and irresistible lips of hers, and because he finds them so delectable he plays along and tries to fit the part. But, what will happen to Laura and when Nicholas finds his true identity? What and when and how are all worth finding out in this delicious little read!

Other enjoyable supporting characters in the story include Lottie, Laura's little sister, whose love for mystery/murder novels leads her to believe that she should off Nicholas in order to save Laura from an insufferable marriage. Her antics are humorous and slightly dangerous. Also Laura's little brother George, a young man wanting only the best for his sister and trying his best to hate Nicholas, the man who will take over his sisters life. He resents the fact that he is too young to take care of his family, and that his sister must be forced to do it for him. Cookie and Dower, the family's live in servants, are a charming addition to the story as well. Medeiros has a knack for building believable, funny, yet touching characters that reach out and give your heart a little squeeze.

I am torn between giving this book 4 and 5 stars. This is only because I would have loved a little more depth of character about Sterling Harlow's cousin Diana. And who do you say are they? Well, I guess you will have to read the story to find out! I also have to add that I love the phrases, which form a complete letter at the beginning of each chapter. This is very creative and poignant to the story. You may ask, and what is that suppose to mean? Again I reiterate that you'll have to read to find out. Happy Reading!

Reviewed in December 2001 by Wendy.

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