by Elizabeth Keys

December 2001
ISBN: 0-8217-7226-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Elizabeth Keys’ Reilly’s Heart is centered around one family’s belief that they had been granted “The Blessing” and that it was only passed down through the males in the family. All her life Meaghan had been told that she couldn’t have “The Blessing” because only men received it. When she was 5, she determined to prove them all wrong and swore that she would have it. At this same young age she seems to find her blessing without realizing it. It would be years later before she understood what had taken place that day. After searching for what seemed an eternity, Meaghan had finally given up any hope of having the blessing. When it does come, she is torn between deciding if it is actually a blessing or a curse.

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Nicholas Mansfield awakes in her the blessing that she had long since given up on. Every time he touches her, she seems to become totally lost and be transported into a different time and place. Ultimately the two of them find themselves in a situation, which is unseemly for that day and time, and are forced into a marriage. Meaghan tries to escape it because she believes that Nicholas only proposed because of what everyone thought and would say, but Nicholas has other plans and isn’t going to budge so easily. It took the two of them plenty of long, passionate love scenes and a very scary kidnapping before they were ready to admit that they were in love.

Reilly’s Heart is a nice story with plenty of long, steamy love scenes. It isn’t one of the “totally absorbing” books that you just can’t put down. I found myself easily distracted while reading this one. However, it is a pleasant read and well worth the time spent on it. There is plenty of action in the form of a man who is plotting to murder two other people and continuously causes “accidents” and, of course, there is always plenty of romance packed in. In this one, we get a two-for-one deal. As Meaghan and Nick are falling for each other, so are Jamie (Nick’s ward) and Sheila (Meaghan’s cousin.) All in all, Reilly’s Heart makes a pleasant diversion and gives the reader an enjoyable “curl up with your book” time.

Reviewed in February 2002 by Angela.

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