by Cathy Maxwell

January 2004
ISBN: 0-06-009297-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Lady Rosalyn Wellborne has settled into the quiet country life at her home, Maiden Hill. She and her companion are mainstays of the local gentry and have prominent positions in the community. To her utter shock, a gentleman appears on the doorstep, insisting that he is the owner of Maiden Hill, legally purchased from her cousin Lord Woodford!

Colonel Colin Mandland is no stranger to Maiden Hill. He grew up in the local village and his brother is the vicar of the town’s church. After many years in the military, his quest for a knighthood has led him home. He appreciates Lady Rosalyn’s predicament, but the prickly spinster must understand that he is not to blame.

When the townspeople decide that the best solution is a wedding, the sparks really begin to fly! The Seduction of an English Lady is a delightful story which held my interest from start to finish. Colin and Rosalyn have been wounded by their pasts and must overcome their fears before they can move forward. Both characters are very appealing and their actions are in perfect harmony with their natures. Author Cathy Maxwell brings their personalities to life in a steady, thoughtful way, reminiscent of the stages that take place as acquaintances become friends. The pace of the book is structured, but not plodding. The plot caught my interest immediately, and then sustained it.

The Seduction of an English Lady is not a book to be devoured, but savored as the beauty of the countryside and the serene village life serve as a backdrop to a wonderful story of love. If you’re planning to curl up on the couch for an evening of reading, this is the perfect book.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Paula.

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