by Vonna Harper, Elizabeth Jewell, Stephanie Burke

November 2003
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Hot Earth-Vonna Harper

Calina Rambo is the daughter of Mexican Illegal aliens. Every season her parents came over the border and worked in the Richard Woods orchard. After her father's death and the birth of her sister Benita, her mother stayed in the U.S. and raised her daughters to be strong, independent women. She also cautioned them to stay away from Caucasian men.

When she returns home to settle her mother's estate, she meets a totally hot, sexy man in the orchard. When she gives into her lust she, is totally unprepared when she finds out his identity.

Sayer Wood has taken over the management of the orchard when his father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. When he runs across a deed for a house that was given to the wife of a deceased worker, he is puzzled. While walking through the orchard one morning, he meets a beautiful, sexy woman. He doesn’t care that she is Mexican. All he knows, is that he wants to be with her.

When old secrets are revealed, Calina and Sayer must come to terms with all the things they have been taught about who they are and what love is really about.

Mostly Sunny with a Chance for Belgian Chocolate--Elizabeth Jewell

Alexa Walker is a journalist who is looking forward to her next assignment. She is about to interview Carter Allen. Carter is a radio personality with a weather related talk show. The man has a voice that is so smooth it makes women melt. The man can make a cold front sound sexy. Now if only the face matches the voice. When Alexa gets a look at him, all she can think is that the man has skin smoother then Belgian chocolate and she wants a great big bite.

Carter Allen is definitely attracted to Alexa. She is funny, beautiful, sexy and an older woman. He is looking forward to getting to know her better.

The chemistry between Carter and Alexa is immediate and electric. They are a great couple until outside forces come between them. Will this couple be able to work out their differences?

Xavier--Stephanie Burke

Xavier Bustamante is a Puerto Rican tattoo artist. When he hears a woman screaming in an alley, he runs to her rescue. Instead of graditude, he gets attitude. He has just met Alena Queen and his life will never be the same.

Alena is a graduate student and waitress. When a crazy Puerto Rican runs to her rescue, she thought she had everthing under control and is not exactly happy. But she is secretly grateful for the help. When Xavier offers her a job as his model, she is skeptical but is willing to give it a try. She figures she can handle him if he gets out of line.

Alena and Xavier rub each the wrong way from the first moment, or is it actually the right way? These two give new meaning to the word flammable. They are independent, passionate, proud and sexy. When a jealous friend instigates a violent encounter, Alena and Xavier must finally put aside their own prejudices and decide if their feelings for each other are strong enough to offset their differences.

Three different stories giving us a unique perspective on love, lust and the realities of interracial relations.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Carolyn.