by Monica M. Martin

December 2003
ISBN: 1-59374-145-6
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When Nicolas spots a graceful figure making her way across the masquerade ball, he knows he has to have her. Oh, and did he have her that night. Once their tryst is over, neither Nicholas nor his lady are ready to reveal their true identity, so they depart as Adam and Eve. However, Nicholas isn’t willing to allow this one time to be their last.

Lucinda Jameson has been banished from her home and London because she seduced a servant. A sensual creature, Lucinda can’t help but want Lord Nicholas de Lapointe, even though he angers her immensely. When Lord de Lapointe offers to pay for her father’s release from debtors prison in exchange for two months of her being his sexual partner, Lucinda is both appalled and turned on. She must do it for her father, or at least that is what she tells herself.

Lucinda’s Contract is a wonderfully erotic romp into 1590 Venice. Nicholas is a rich man portraying a bored aristocrat. He enjoys firing up Lucinda’s temper just to see her angry. Nicholas is such a well developed character that even I fell in love with him. His quick abilities to laugh, play, and be serious all shine through. Lucinda is a funny girl, she is so proper and straight-laced until it comes to sex, then she is just a “give it all ya got” woman. The erotic love making in this book had me running to the freezer for ice quite a few times! The romance, love, though accidental, shines through immediately and once the contract ends, my heart was breaking along with Nicholas and Lucinda’s hearts. I truly enjoyed this story and think that you will too, whether you enjoy historical romances or not.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Vikky.

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