by Karen Wiesner

November 2003
ISBN: 0-7599-4101-7
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When is it time to call a marriage quits? How long must the pain and anger last before the decision to end it is made? Those are the questions that Steve Thomas is facing at the beginning of Karen Weisner's book, Waiting for an Eclipse: Wounded Warriors Book 2 . Steve has come home to find his wife passed out on their bed with another man. His children have been neglected. This isn't the first time this has happened. Steve is beginning to believe that it will never end. Rehab hasn't helped his wife yet. Mostly because she doesn't want help.

Steve is on the edge. The pressure from his job teaching at a local college is getting heavier. The haterd that his oldest son feels towards him is smothering. He has to watch as his second son withdraws farther into himself. Cradling his crying daughter late at night, Steve begins to stare at the emptiness of their lives. His wife's dependence on drugs and alchol is slowly killing his family. Only his friend, Kristina Ingram, seems to be there for him.

Kristina has been in love with Steve since she first met him. Knowing about his marriage, she has never made any attempt to tell him about her feelings. As a counselor at the college's Drug Center, Kristina knows the damage that dependency can do to children and adults. She longs to be able to give Steve her love and heart, but knows that Steve isn't ready to make the break. As they become closer friends, she tries to help him understand what would be the right thing to do.

As Steve faces crisis after crisis, he begins to look at his life. Will he finally be able to make the break? Has the time come when love and guilt are no longer strong enough to balance the pain and anger? If he does end his marriage, will there be enough of his heart left for Kristina?

This is a story of deep emotions and confusion. It deals with hard questions. When a member of the family is dependent on drugs or alcohol, it can destory the rest of the family. The characters take us to that dark place where the hard decisions about sanity and healing are made. Steve has to take care of his children. He has to free himself. Unfortunately, that means taking away Jessie's support system. We feel Steve's conflict. He knows that Jessie needs to get better. But by divorcing her, he could drive her to destory herself. Steve must force himself to make the horrify decision: his wife or his children. Kristina shows us strength against what must seem like overwhelming odds. Her strength and willingness to wait until Steve makes a decision, shows a depth of character not always found. The story is well paced with enough scenes to help slow the pacing, so the reader isn't always overwhelmed with emotions.

Make sure to have some kleneex nearby when you pick up Waiting for an Eclipse . This is a story that will tug at your emotions as you root for Steve to make the right choice.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Jenni.

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