by Joel E. McIver

February 2004
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Damon Black has loved three women in his life. Alexis, the successful businesswoman, Keisha, the mother of his beautiful daughter, and Tara, a woman who has always longed to fit into somebodyís world. Though all three women can say Damon loved them, only one of them has the capacity to truly love him back. This one, the chosen one, will hopefully understand the depth of Damonís love before itís too late.

Despite a few editorial mistakes and a minor lapse of continuity in the story, What is Forever is an exceptional debut effort from Joel McIver. In a uniquely intriguing voice, McIver delivers a powerfully moving romance that stirs both the heart and the mind. Richly defined, the characters and their strong individual story lines provide an insightful glimpse into the endless, often unexplainable depths of love.

Damon Black is an intensely complex character, and this same complexity makes him thoroughly engaging. Who exactly is Damon Black? Is he for real? Readers will wonder long after the last page has been turned.

And thatís not the only thing that will have readers gasping. The shocking ending will cause eyes to widen and glaze over in wonder.

With What is Forever, McIver has fulfilled his dream of writing a book that moves people. It has moved him onto my list of favorite authors and earned him a spot on my bookshelf.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Natasha.

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