by Emma Holly

January 2004
ISBN: 0-425-19371-3
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Trade Paperback

Two women from different sides of the Atlantic. A friendship that spans the ocean and is founded in a deep need for connection – the special sort of connection that only family can provide.

Beatrix Clouet and Lela Turner are the protagonists in this fascinating contemporary romance from Emma Holly. Once again, she treats us to a multi-layered look at relationships on a sexual level, while also taking us beneath the physical to the psychological level. While Beatrix battles a years-long crush on Philip Carmichael, the young man her mother had wed, Lela fights battles of her own against her attraction to businessman Simon Graves.

The ghost of Beatrix’s mother haunts both her and Philip, and when their attraction explodes into one of sensual discovery, they have to face more than just a need to sleep together. While this is happening in Europe, Lela is slowly and terrifyingly falling in love with Simon Graves, whose strength and power sweeps her into her own set of sexual encounters and self-discovery.

Erotic? Oh yes. There are few authors around with Emma Holly’s skill when it comes to steaming up a reader’s glasses. The sex is plentiful and arousing, but don’t be misled…each encounter reveals more of the person behind the shouts of pleasure. Each naked slide of skin against skin is also one of heart against heart and mind against mind. The sexual act lays bare so much more in this book than just the bodies of the lovers.

As an avowed Emma Holly fan, I’m always prepared to enjoy her books. And, as always, she astounds me with the variety and depth of her characters. For a sensual and sweeping examination of contemporary relationships, with the extra zing of some very hot erotic writing, you can’t do better than Personal Assets.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Celia.

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