by Doreen DeSalvo

November 2003
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Jason has spent 913 days on Prendara and only wishes to go home. He knows that is not possible since Earth was conquered. Working in the fields, he does his best to protect the only family he has left, his nephew Billy, because on Prendara, men are slaves and women are the ones in power. When an obviously wealthy and powerful woman runs over his bailer, he is understandably upset, but knows that he cannot do anything about what is to come. He definitely didnít anticipate her being attracted to him. After she buys him from his owner and takes him with her, leaving Billy behind, his only thought is to escape and get back to his nephew. What he doesnít expect is to fall in love.

Rigah is the Leader Elect, second in power only to her mother. She is attracted and intrigued by this handsome earther male who thinks nothing of speaking to her as an equal. Confident that she is taking him to a better life, she buys him and installs him as her companion. She just canít figure out why he is so unhappy.

With the death of her mother, Rigah becomes Premiere Leader and must make an important choice for herself and her people. When someone close to her attempts to destroy her, Rigah is in a fight for her life. For the Love of Rigah is Elloraís Cave author Doreen DeSalvoís first release. I enjoyed this story very much. Jason is not your typical Earth male and Rigah shows us that just because you are a strong woman in power, doesnít mean you canít be vulnerable. My only quibble was that the ending felt a little rushed. Rigahís final decision for her planet came out of left field for me. Ms. DeSalvo is definitely an author to watch.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Carolyn.

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