by Celeste Bradley

October 2003
ISBN: 3-312-98486-3
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Someone is revealing the secrets of England’s upper society with a sharpened quill. “Sir Thorogood” is setting London on it’s ear with his pointed caricatures of greedy noblemen and their victims. At first it was all just entertaining, but now there is a problem. It seems that the artist may have stumbled upon treason, and the Prime Minister wants answers. The problem is that no one has the faintest idea who is drawing the scenes, which are printed in the newspaper. They are delivered by courier and the author is completely anonymous.

As the new leader of The Liar’s Club, a gentleman’s establishment that serves to cover a well-run spy organization, Dalton Montmorency, Lord Etheridge, has been given the orders to find Sir Thorogood. He decides that the best way to flush the elusive artist from his hiding place, is to take his place - in the most outrageous way he can concoct. Allowing his valet free rein, Dalton dons a peacock’s plumage so colorful that even the most stylish gentlemen shudder. The disguise is made complete by his effete, scathing personality with its witty commentary.

Widow Clara Simpson cannot believe it! Some pompous, overdressed dandy with no fashion sense is daring to portray Sir Thorogood - her very own creation! While she certainly doesn’t want the ton to discover who has been exposing their secrets, she has no intention of letting someone else snatch the spotlight! That is, until Sir Thorogood becomes a target and she needs Lord Etheridge’s help.

The Imposter is a witty romp that brings together two extremely congenial characters. Clara and Dalton both show somewhat false natures to the public, and the contrived masquerades only heighten the romance. While this series is just one of a number of ongoing Regency storylines this year, it is finely crafted and well worth the purchase price. With each new story, more members of the Club are revealed, and readers discover more about the Royal Four that commands them.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Paula.

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