by Christina Dodd

November 2003
ISBN: 0-06-009266-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

The much-awaited story of Eleanor de Lacy has finally arrived, and it is worth the wait! When we last saw Eleanor, she had been dispatched to impersonate her cousin Madeline at the doorstep of Madeline’s new fiancé, a man who won her hand in a game of cards! Since he has never met the future Duchess of Magnus, Eleanor’s strong resemblance to her cousin should be sufficient. Eleanor’s task is to delay things until Madeline can come and “deal” with the knave who thinks he has the upper hand.

Since the entirety of Eleanor’s life has been spent in the shadow of her forceful cousin, she is not at all prepared to assume the arrogance and hauteur that are expected of the young duchess. Indeed, her demeanor is warm and personable. She is a serene gentle soul who finds herself ill-equipped for Remington Knight and his revenge-driven plans.

Remington has been preparing for this moment for years. The story of his father’s exile and the loss of his family had driven him to these extremes. He never expects to be enchanted by the quiet beauty of “Madeline” or charmed by her moments of independence. He is committed to his path, and love has no place in it.

The interaction of Remington and Eleanor is perfectly written. From their first meeting, the scene is set. These two people, so dissimilar in personalities, are made for each other. One Kiss From You is a marvelous title for this enchanting book. I was especially fond of the way that Eleanor learns to speak her mind and the little things she does to assert herself. I was also pleased that Remington is no cardboard hero. He has his plan for revenge, but is not afraid to admit that he may be going in the wrong direction. He takes Eleanor’s arguments to heart and allows her to sway his judgement. That is the true mark of a hero.

Ms. Dodd has successfully capped off this two-book story with a winning tale. She shows us that love indeed can conquer all. I know that the readers of Scandalous Again will be pleased, and recommend both books to anyone who enjoys the adventures of strong-willed women and the men who think to tame them.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Paula.

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