by Hannah Howell

October 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7397-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Ever since she was a young girl, Gillyanne Murray wondered if she would ever find the kind of love that her parents and others in her family had found. As she grew into an attractive young woman, and worthy suitors were not exactly racing towards the gates of the keep, she decided that if her dower lands were not going to be given to her husband she would use them herself. She refuses to wait any longer to visit her dower lands with a groom who may never materialize. Except Gillyanne isn’t the only one trying to claim the land.

While her father, Eric Murray, is away at court - and in spite of her mother’s attempts to delay her until his return - Gillyanne packs up her trunks, and her pets, and heads off for her dower lands. Gillyanne and her party no sooner arrive at the small keep than to find that there are three strapping young knights willing to marry her – so long as the deed to her property comes with her.

Gillyanne is firmly resolved to deny them all their suits but threat of battle forces her to boldly choose her groom: Sir Connor MacEnroy, an attractive man of few words. Once she is his wife, Gillyanne is shocked at his curt, distant manner. It is obvious to Gilly that her new husband is going to have to learn a few things about how to treat a wife – and she is just the woman to teach him. Come hell or high water Gilly swears to taste a bit of the passion that to be found between man and wife. First she will have to show her husband that it is okay to share affection as well as a quick tumble. However, hidden enemies and a tragic history threaten to put an end to a promising future.

Hannah Howell once again produces a masterful adventure of passion and treachery in 15th century Scotland. The story was humorous, touching and stimulating to say the least. As always the sex was hot, the characters all too real, and love deep and true. What more could we ask for?


Reviewed in January 2004 by Cynthia.

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