by Hannah Howell

ISBN: 0-8217-6614-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Nine year-old Elspeth Murray rescues a handsome young knight, Cormac Armstrong, who has been wounded while fleeing the pursuit of a relentless enemy. In the process she loses her heart to the brave young man. She persuades her family to offer him a place to heal and gain respite from his flight. Ten years later, the two are reunited when Cormac rescues a stunningly beautiful Elspeth from a spurned suitor. The joy of their reunion is overshadowed by the fact that Cormac is not exactly free to explore the desire he feels for her.

However, Cormac is promised to another woman, a woman whose ruthlessness far surpasses that of his old enemy. He has sworn to be at the side of Lady Isabel Douglas, his first love. He is a man of honor; he is torn between his pledge to Isabel and the promise of what he could have with Elspeth. Still Elspeth will risk everything she has, everything she is, to save Cormac and win his heart.

Hannah Howell continues her wildly popular Highland series with Highland Vow, the first book featuring the spirited daughter of the Murray brothers. This incredibly detailed tale headlines a great new trilogy. The story features the themes readers have come to expect from Hannah Howell strong passionate characters, an intriguing adventure, arousing, sensual love scenes and a truly satisfying ending.

But donít take my word for it see for yourself.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Cynthia.

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