by Ann Jacobs, Cassie Walder, Jodi Lynn Copeland

November 2003
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A Gift of Gold by Ann Jacobs is a historical romance. Gavin is betrothed to the Lady Evelyn, whom he has heard many horrible things about. Evelyn being an overweight widower is very concerned about how her future husband will perceive and enjoy her body. Therefore, she decides to play a trick on him and visit his bedchambers dressed as a servant. There she discovers her fiancée has some erotic secrets and pleasures. What will happen when he learns that the serving girl he enjoyed so well was actually his betrothed?

A Gift of Frankincense by Cassie Walder is also a historical, based during a time of upheaval in England, Anne is presented with a choice of courses to follow. Rob Garrick has proposed to her and somehow the King has heard of his intentions and asked Anne to follow through with the proposal in the end, becoming a spy on her future husband. Should she do as the King asks?

A Gift of Myrrh by Jodi Lynn Copeland is set in the Scottish Highlands. After a lengthy departure, Tavish MacBain is returning home. The difference between when he left and his return is that it is his home now. Being a second son, upon his departure his brother was the heir. However, his brother met an untimely death on the battlefield and now Tavish is heir. He must also deal with his brother’s widow, Kristiana. He will give her a choice to return to her home or stay on at the castle he decides. What he doesn’t count on is her beauty and ability to win his affection and love.

This is a delightful mix of three wonderful Christmas themed stories to get you ready for the holiday season. There are many similarities in each story, yet each is built upon their own characters and settings. Each has a flair for erotic and sensual encounters while at the same time finding a way to incorporate true love into each couple’s lives. The only drawback is there was a few things in the stories I felt had been too condensed. Had Frankincense been a full-length erotic story I think the reader could have benefited from a more detailed version.

However, none of the stories skimped on the hot love scenes or the blazing romances of any of these couples and I thoroughly enjoyed reading each of these stories. A great choice for this season of rushed, busy readers. With this novel one can take a few minutes to enjoy any one of the three stories and still find the time to get everything else done.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Katy.