by Jamie Sobrato

December 2003
ISBN: 0-37379120-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Jane Langston is fast moving up the best-seller charts with her new book, The Sex Factor. The controversial book focuses on how sex can ruin a relationship and has men all over town wishing the book had never seen the light of day because all of a sudden they are not getting any.

Jane appears on talk radio shock jock Jax Reed’s show and is taken to task for the book’s contents by caller after caller. Jane does a good job of defending herself and her book against Jax and all the callers' comments. She holds it together until the very last caller who makes a threat that’s all too personal. After the show even Jax recommends to Jane that maybe she should hire a bodyguard until the publicity dies down.

Jane doesn’t see the need for this as she has too much going on in her life to be tied to a bodyguard. She is in the midst of preparing for one of her triplet sister’s wedding, and of course all the added obligations that the book’s success have added to her schedule. Jane thinks she will be fine on her own until one of the threats hits way too close to home and appears to be very personal. Jane finds herself calling the recommended security expert Luke Nicoletti.

Luke agrees to meet with Jane and finds all sorts of problems with her security. Luke is familiar with Jane and her book, as they have contributed to his recent problems with his last girlfriend. Luke is in agreement with the male population that Jane just hasn’t met the right man yet. He wouldn’t mind being the one to show her what passion is all about, as he feels drawn to her upon the first meeting. Jane has vowed to live the advice in her book and resist all men’s charms until they develop a firm relationship. Too bad her new bodyguard is playing havoc on her resolve to live the celibate life.

Jamie Sobrato is an author I discovered in January when her first book was released. I fell in love with her characters in that book and each book has gotten better and better. In What A Girl Wants Jamie has created her best hero to date. Luke’s charm and charisma just seem to jump off the page. He is what any girl would want and one of the reasons we read romance.

With Jane, Jamie has created a down to earth woman who has been the plain girl all her life. She grew up with triplet Barbie-doll like sisters. I got the impression Jane is very similar to the average reader. She has the same doubts and insecurities that plague us all. Yet Luke sees something in her that he wants to pursue

Ms. Sobrato has found her calling as a romance writer and we can all be grateful that she has. What A Girl Wants is one of the sexiest Blazes I have read this year. This author knows how to heat up the pages with her delightfully sensual scenes. That coupled with her charismatic characters and a touch of suspense made for a delightful read. Put Ms. Sobrato on your auto-buy list as I have. You won’t be disappointed. I am anxiously awaiting her next release.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Barbara.

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