by Monette Michaels and Janet Ferran

November 2003
ISBN: 1-59426-049-4
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Jeanette LaFleur starts her new job with high hopes and great intentions. She has been hired to help coordinate the clinic for the Epi Project in New Orleans. The Epi Project is a project doing research on cornea replacements and graphs. She has the highest respect for the doctor running the project, Dr. Rutherford. Jeanette is just beginning to start her life over after the death of her husband.

While trying to bring order to the chaotic paperwork of the clinic, Jeanette begins to find that documents are missing. As she digs deeper, she notices discrepancies in the billing department as well. Dr. Rutherford tells her to fix the problems as she voices her doubts to him. Jeanette doesn't know that those problems can't be fix. There is something deadly lurking in the clinic's shadows.

Charles Carter, Jeanette's boyfriend, and Scott Fontenot, her husband's best friend, helps her to gather evidence against not only the clinic, but Rutherford as well. They uncover that Rutherford and a business associate are brokering in illegally obtained body parts. Scott heads to South America while Jeanette stays in New Orleans to try and find hard evidence to bring the men to justice.

Soon they are both running for their lives as the net closes in around them. Will justice prevail or will money talk?

Blind-Sided is a fast paced romantic suspense. The characters come alive as they race to find out the truth before the villains hunt them down. The descriptive scenery puts you right in the bayous around New Orleans and the river jungles of Brazil. Sit down and hold on tight as you race through the dark and steamy side of New Orleans to bring killers to justice.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Jenni.