by Lissa Larer

December 2003
ISBN: 1-4137-0392-5
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Trade Paperback

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Silver Falls, Oregon 1872. It was to be a brand new start for Miss Kate Stafford, her sister Priscilla and their father, Joe. A mysterious benefactor has left her ranch to Joe Stafford, who died along the treacherous Oregon Trail just before reaching their destination. Now it was up to Kate and Pris to make a go of their father’s dream of running a cattle ranch, their entire future depended on it. That is until Miss Kate literally bumped into the broad chest of the most handsome cowboy she ever saw! Kate knew from that moment on she was headed for trouble!

Justin Chadwick was a man on a mission and not even the striking beauty of Miss Kate Stafford was going to make him deviate from that course. A drifter in search of the man responsible for his brother Travis’ cold blooded murder, Justin had tracked the man, Grady Miller to his brother Johnny’s ranch in Silver Falls, Oregon. Needing an in, Justin takes the job of foreman at Johnny’s ranch, much to Kate’s dismay! Unable to reveal the true motive for his actions to Kate, although he would love to do nothing better, Justin estranges the woman he is beginning to fall hard and fast for. It isn’t until the wild adventurous Miss Kate wagers a bet with very high stakes, that gambling man Justin just has to take!

Always looking for new talent to feed my voracious appetite of my favorite Historical genre, the American Western, I was looking forward to reading newcomer Lissa Larer’s How To Lasso A Cowboy. The story itself is a little over the top riddled with clichés taken from old western movies, but the overall love story is an interesting one between the Texas Cowpoke Justin, and the prim and proper Miss Kate. The Knight in shining spurs, has been done many times before in other novels of this type, but a twist with several mysteries thrown in adds a new spin. My overall take on How To Lasso A Cowboy, not a bad first time effort, but it will be interesting to see newcomer Lissa Larer’s growth with experience.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Bonnie.

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