by Ellen Fisher

February 2004
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Drew Cooper finds herself at a “Farthest Space” convention, accompanying her sister Tiffani to a book signing. As a professor of literature, Drew did not even consider sci-fi books anything but fluff that appealed to intellectually challenged individuals...not to mention weirdos. Drew had always tried hard to be taken seriously, something that had proven to be more than a challenge given her stunning beauty.

When Max Sinclair returns from a break from his book signing at the convention, he overhears some of Drew’s less than flattering comments on sci-fi books and even worse, on his own books. As he faces Drew to confront her, she can barely believe how incredibly handsome he is. As Drew and Max indulge in some verbal sparring a man in disguise shoots at them. Max sees the man, but while trying to save Drew and her little niece, he ends up being hit...and this is where their “slightly” complicated story begins.

All I Ever Wanted is a delightful contemporary romance. Despite the fact that Drew has both looks and brains, she has always struggled to be taken seriously. The fact that she is stunning has not helped, as usually beauty is not associated with intelligence and more often than not, she felt that she was sought out solely for her looks. As to Max, he used to be a nerd in high school and, despite the fact that he grew up to become an extremely handsome and successful man, he still has not found what he wants the most. When Drew and Max meet there is instant chemistry between them. They don’t share a lot in common and despite the fact that they don`t initially realize it, they are on the same wavelength regarding relationships. Seeing them struggle with their personal issues and Drew`s extremely needy and childish younger sister provides for a good deal of entertainment.

Ellen Fisher`s All I Ever Wanted has a well rounded plot and an engaging cast of characters. The elements of suspense (yes, there are some elements of suspense thrown in) enhance the reading experience. This romance will certainly appeal to contemporary romance lovers.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Mireya.

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