by Tanya Michaels

March 2004
ISBN: 0-373-69168-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Nothing sounds less appealing than a family reunion to Piper Jamieson. She loves her family, but they don't take her career in drafting seriously and are always on her case about "settling down". Her meddling mother puts a "guilt trip" on Piper by telling her that her grandmother is "ailing". Piper end up telling her mother a "white lie" about being in a relationship to avoid being paired off with her ex-fiance', Charlie, the town mayor, for the weekend. Now, Piper, who is usually quite content with her single life, needs a man, at least for the reunion weekend.

Josh Weber is Piper's best friend, but he is a charming lady killer with a long list of former girlfriends. He is afraid of long-term commitment after a childhood of foster homes and disappointments. He warily agrees to help Piper out and go to the reunion with her. The sizzle behind the kiss he gives Piper to keep up the charade along with a tinge of jealousy over Charlie, catch Josh off guard.

Josh is vulnerable hero, but one who has great deal of charm, despite his seemingly cavalier attitude toward dating. It is wonderful to see him open up to Piper's family in this heartwarming story. Piper is able to see through Josh's eyes that she is fortunate to have a loving family and that even meddling can be a form of love.

The author has the sexual tension simmer between Josh and Piper which is almost as delicious as the love scenes. When the simmer comes to full boil, the reader will be almost as satisfied as Josh and Piper.

Hers For the Weekend will be available in March 2004, so you will want to put it on your wish list now. In the meantime, you need to pick up Tanya Michaels current book from Flipside, Who Needs Decaf?. Ms. Michaels is sure to become a favorite with romance fans with the wit and poignancy she incorporates in her writing style.

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Reviewed in February 2004 by Roberta.

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