by Susan Krinard, Tanith Lee, Evelyn Vaughn

ISBN: 0-373-21822-2
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Mass Market Paperback

In the shadowy evening, between dusk and dawn, love can be found when you least expect it. That is the theme of When Darkness Falls, a paranormal anthology.

Award-winning author Susan Krinard explores yet another aspect of werewolves in her haunting story, Kiss of the Wolf. When Dr. Dana Saint-Cyr travels to the Louisiana bayou to visit her great-aunt, she discovers danger. But the one man her instincts tell her to trust, is the one man that the townspeople warn her about. Is Remy Arceneaux a threat to her existence or only to her heart? This story was superb. Even in a shortened length, it is complete and compelling. I hope that Ms. Krinard plans more stories about the Arceneaux of Grande Marais.

Fantasy author Tanith Lee weaves an unusual tale in Shadow Kissing, and I must admit that it was not one that I enjoyed. The premise of the story was quite creative, but the hero was so unlikeable that I marveled that the woman would have anything at all to do with him. It was a strange compulsion that brought them together and wholly unbelievable to me.

The final story of the piece, The Devil She Knew, by Evelyn Vaughn, is a well-written paranormal story that is perfect for readers who enjoy Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. When Marcy Bridges awakens one morning to discover that there is a strange portal to Hell in her clothes closet, she does what any sensible contemporary heroine would do. She calls the building superintendent to come and fix it! Lucky for her, Tomas Martinez is no ordinary maintenance man. This story had a strong element of humor and the suspense was well played, with the villain undetectable until the end. It was very entertaining.

So there you have it, three paranormal romances for the price of one. If I graded each one individually and then averaged the scores, I come up with a 3.5 rating. Not a complete waste of book allowance, but perhaps one that could have waited for the used book store.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Paula.