by Tracy L. Ranson

October 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-341-4
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Welsh Princess Morgana is captured by a Viking warrior! How much more romantic can you get? Well, it does help that Erik is massive, blonde, and a sensual heap of rampantly sexual attraction.

Yes, this is truly a story of fantasies. The heroine is gorgeous, intelligent, and independent, and the hero – well, just about everything one could ask for in a Viking warrior who is about to do a bit of pillaging and plundering in the bedchamber. This tale of love and lust in past times is intertwined with a plot featuring the requisite villain, a black sheep brother, some political maneuverings on the part of Morgana’s family, and an insightful look into the Viking way of life, warts, fleas and all.

Predictable yet appealing, this is mostly a tale about love, unrequited lust, and the strength of character required to admit that love actually can drive a woman to distraction. And who wouldn’t be distracted by Erik? A drawback to this tale, however, is the incredible amount of forbearance demonstrated by the long-suffering Erik when Morgana resists his every advance, every kiss, even her own heart, preferring to work in the kitchens rather than share his bed. I mean, sure we like a heroine of principle and strong character, but there comes a point when the reader is ready to scream “damn it, girl…just DO it”. This tale passed that point and moved on for a couple more chapters. These Vikings must have been strong, since the pressure inside his breeches would have killed a lesser man.

If you’re a devotee of Viking romances, then this is certainly one you’ll want to read. I do note a slight problem with the ebook version...occasional paragraphs are in a reduced size font – probably due to technical formatting problems – and you might want to keep this in mind before transferring it to a hand-held reading device. Other than those minor glitches, this is a nicely sensual tale of lovers finally united. And a Viking heaving a sigh of enormous relief.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Celia.

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