by Delphyne DeRouge

October 2003
ISBN: 1-59279-146-8
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Mollie, the latest of the “girls” from the house of pleasure run by Madame d’Estelle, is swept off her feet by Connor McGee. His green eyes promise her pleasure and his fabulous body delivers. But when his pleasure turns out to be not the physical, but the monetary, Mollie finds her own body at risk. Her rescuer? Cassidy McGee, Connor’s brother.

Ms. DeRouge has revisited this interesting premise, continuing the tales that revolve around a brothel during the Civil War. We meet familiar characters, Estelle and her lover, the inestimable James Goodwin, and are taken on a journey into the lives of those who struggled to survive during those difficult times.

The plot is straightforward, and the characters charming. However, in this, the third of the series, Ms DeRouge has slid more into the area of “purple prose” than in previous books…choosing to describe the many sexual adventures of her characters in terms of “members”, “rods”, and so on, which is a little distracting, and occasionally detracts from the passions her characters are enjoying.

If you’ve become a convert to the adventures of the women of Maison D’Estelle, then you’ll certainly want to read Mollie’s adventures. And Cassidy McGee is one of the most charming heroes – wouldn’t we all love to meet him and experience his special brand of loving? I look forward to the next installment, with the encouragement that Ms DeRouge not be afraid to let the “erotic” side of her writing free…I know it’s there, and hope that in the next tale the language will match the intensity of the stories. If it does, we’re in for a treat.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Celia.

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