by Dominique Adair

October 2003
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Queen Ilsa would go to any means to help her people, even if it means kidnapping a member of the Xanthra royal family. That is exactly what she does, she kidnaps Prince Loren or so she thinks. Her mission was to get pregnant by the prince, her advisors told her that was about her only solution to the help they needed for her people, the Shanart’s.

Prince Zane was not in a good mood. He was shackled to the wall and he could not get loose, which he should have if he had fed. Yes, Prince Zane is a vampire. Needless to say he was stuck hanging there until he was let go. He had no idea who kidnapped him or why, but he soon found out that he was to be used as a sex object and nothing more. He was not happy about the prospect at all but didn’t have much say over it when she has taken the matter out of his hands.

There is plenty of misunderstanding and misconception between the both of them. Queen Ilsa thought Zane was his brother and he never told her otherwise. Zane had no idea he was to be used for sex only. Ilsa and Zane were both attracted to one another but could it turn into something more after the kind of start they had?

Blood Law: Xanthra Chronicles 1 is a quick read. Even though is it a quickie you will still find the love scenes to be hot, the intrigue and mystery of sabotage. It shows what one will do to save the people they love and the consequences to those who try to interfere. I will be on the lookout for more of the Blood Law series from Ms. Adair.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Pam.

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