by Elizabeth Jewell

October 2003
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Heath Cabot-Pierce has recently inherited his grandfather’s property in Colorado. Included in that inheritance is a spring that forms a pool—a pool that, according the Heath’s grandpa, is the magical gateway to the land of Fairy. Did I mention that most of the family thought Grandpa was “one or two cheese sandwiches shy of a picnic”?

Heath goes to the check out this magical Fairy pool and finds himself pulled into the land of Fairy, into the seductive company of Princess Elena. He is a tad put off that he cannot return home until she commands it, but is strongly drawn to her.

Princess Elena has chosen Heath to be her mate. He will have to prove himself worthy. This will be extremely hard to do, especially when it comes to her father. He really doesn’t like Heath. It turns out that Heath’s grandfather has gravely offended the king, and because of this the king will stand in Heath’s way of becoming his successor. He does this by devising 3 impossible tasks. With some help from unexpected sources, Heath accomplishes the first two with ease. The third is a quest—a journey that he isn’t expected to complete. Can he prove himself worthy of being Elena’s mate and rule by her side?

In The Legacy of the Snake, Elizabeth Jewell expertly weaves a magical world of temptation and intrigue. This adult fairy tale is sensual and deliciously explicit. Readers looking for a sexy, magical tale will not be disappointed. This is a quick read and thoroughly enjoyable.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Jess.

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