by Kathleen Eschenburg

January 2004
ISBN: 0-380-81568-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Grieving for her father and torn by the financial straits he left her and the family in, Annabelle Hallston is facing a crucial decision. Whether or not to marry Royce Kincaid and secure a home not only for herself but for her younger brother as well. Carlyle, her older brother is dead set against her following through with this ludicrous marriage just to keep herself and her brother from ruin.

Royce Kincaid doesnít want to be pushed into any marriage, and certainly not one that his father has arranged for him. Yet, the arrangement provides well, not only for himself but for his younger brother, Gordy. With thoughts of his brother in mind, he agrees with Annabelle and the two add their own provisions to the marriage contract.

Set in the Civil War, this story encompasses two people forced into marriage by over eager fathers and bad circumstances. Can they somehow find a shining star in this situation and learn to genuinely care for each other? Will the war and its effects tear them apart?

Seen By Moonlight, is a historical romance but it doesnít have any spectacular fireworks to set it apart in the genre. The basic story line is good but thereís no meat, nothing that really gets the reader into it or adds to the enjoyment of it. There arenít enough details and the story moves too rapidly over things that this reader felt should have been explored more in depth, such as Royceís childhood problems with his stepmother and Gordyís true parentage.

There is a sweet romance going on between Annabelle and Royce but even that lacks the dramatic aspect that comes with most romances. They both pine endlessly for the other and itís not until the last portion of the story that they even begin exploring those feelings. While great in potential, this reader felt a little more flair and feelings would have made this a much more enjoyable romance.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Katy.

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