by Stephanie Bond

November 2003
ISBN: 0-06-053983-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Trying to escape the humiliation of her six-hour marriage, Belinda Hennessey moves from Cincinnati to Atlanta in an attempt to start a new life. With her meager bank account, Belinda has found a tiny apartment in the suburbs of Atlanta and lands a new job in downtown Atlanta in the financial department at Archer Furniture. Belinda soon joins a car pool with three other women who also work for Archer.

To pass the time on the long commute, Belinda and her friends soon start writing a “Do and Don’t Book” for today’s single girl. On her first day of driving the car pool Belinda rear-ends a cop in the hectic Atlanta traffic. A drop dead gorgeous cop with a killer smile and a sweet southern charm, that her friends promptly nickname “Officer Goodbody”.

Belinda also catches the eye of the local morning traffic reporter. She is in line for a big promotion and is just beginning to think her luck is changing and things are beginning to look good for her again. Soon a series of events unfolds that has Belinda wanting to run back home to Cincinnati. The last of which is a murdered co-worker whose body is found in Belinda’s trunk. Is Belinda a cold-blooded killer who has decided to kill the competition or an innocent victim of someone else’s plan to get ahead?

Stephanie Bond has given the reader a page turning story that is both humorous and gripping. She has given the heroine not one but two suitors and makes one wonder just which one Belinda will end up choosing. As always Ms Bond has written very interesting secondary characters, that enrich her tale greatly.

With a fast pace that moves the story along and smart snappy dialog between the characters, Ms Bond has penned another fascinating read that will leave her readers wanting more from this talented and imaginative author.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Barbara.

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